Danica earned her chops in BC’s heartland as a competitive dancer and as a singer on the stages of the Cloverdale Rodeo. At 16, she earned the attention of the world’s biggest labels with her song “Don’t Go Away” and was swept away to New York and Nashville to meet with producer after producer. She had the chance of a lifetime to write and record with Grammy Nominee Jamie O’Neal, and her single “Unspoken” hit the radio all across Canada.

But Danica knew that she needed to build her musical life on her own terms, not the whims of studio heads in high-rise offices. So she moved to Kelowna, BC and challenged herself to start from scratch: teaching vocal lessons out of Arc House Studios, collaborating with local artists of all stripes, and writing music that comes from a place of love and curiosity.

Danica’s newest single, “One Night of Your Time,” has just been released on iTunes and Spotify. Check it out and browse her tour dates to see when you can catch her next barn-burning show!